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The suspense is killing me!

Although, it's better if you take your time! I tried to program a visual novel using ren'py, was hard, the coding....things could go wrong!

The experience made me more grateful to visual novel creators!

I love your art, and the storyline is fire! OwO

Alexander is too hot for my eyes!! T-T I need my safety goggles!

how do i play games???

You will have an instruction window appear when you click the download button !


Question? Do this story have a female Love Interest?

Hello ! The version available is only a demo of two chapters,  some love interests are already introduced and others will appear/become LI later on !


I LOVE the game so far! The end of part 2 really got me going, I'm excited to see when the next parts release! :)

Thank you so much for playing the game ! We're happy you enjoyed it,  we're doing our best !

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Alexander has no right being as pretty as he is

Aww we're glad that you loved Alexander 💙

um, the settings are really hard to read... black text on a very dark background.


Hol' up, is this the same person who does the art/thumbnail for CDawgVA (Connor) on youtube??


It does look really similar 


Hello! Haha yes I'm the one who draws thumbainails for cdawgva !I'm glad you recognised my style!  💙

Hello! Haha yes I'm the one who draws thumbainails for cdawgva !I'm glad you recognised my style!  💙

This is really good! Also wondering if this is still being continued?

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Deleted 42 days ago

I really love this game the art is so beautiful!!! keep going!! i'm gonna wait for the next chapter!! William and Alexander are my favorite i don't know which one to choose they are both handsome UWU

Thank you so much for your support and for playing Forbidden it means a lot! We're happy that you like both Will and Alexander, you have good taste uwu 


I love this game and the art is incredible!!! I'm in love with Aiden, his personnality looks wonderful. I can't wait for the next chapters.

Aww thank you so much for playing and for appreciating Aiden ! 


Loved this, can't wait until you guys upload more! I really enjoyed the characters and the backgrounds, all the art honestly. My only critique is the grammar needs some work-definitely get someone to give it some polish and punctuation and this could be truly stellar!

Thank you so much for the feedback and for playing the game! It honestly means a lot to us, we'll work to improve it !


this game is SUPER INTRESTING!!!! would wait for the full version<3 anyway thank you for making this prettily written game

Thank you so much for your feedback and for playing Forbidden ! We'll be doing our best ! Thank you for your support ! 


Hello! I really enjoyed the short story that is the 1st act I suppose (??).

Anyway I just wanted to ask if you would carry on with the story since the ending was SO intriguing!! I have so many questions which I hope won't be left hanging! The art was marvelous as well, the quality, the colours and style....!!  And the teachers are SO dreamy!! So yeah I really hope you guys will keep up the amazing work! I'm sure you're still working on the spelling part since I've seen the game updates but anyway, sending my cheers and encouraging to carry on!<3v<3v<3

Hello! Thank you for your interest and for playing Forbidden ! We're happy you liked it ! Your feed back means a lot to us ! 

For now the project is on Hiatus since the writer is taking a break , but we'd like to continue it ! 
Thank you so much for appreciating the art and the visuals, we're pleased to know that the characters spoke to your heart at well ! 

Thank you so much for your support! ;)


Would you be able to adapt this game for mobile, specifically Android? My PC broke so now I can't play all of the VNs I wanted to try out...

We're trying to find a way to make it into android and iOS ! Thank you for your interest !


i love Aiden :> i want to go to the end of his route :> looking foward for act 12 come and sequel too...please do not stop this game . The arts is very beautiful


Aww a fan of Aiden, it's so rare ! Thank you for playing the game *^* 

We're happy you enjoy it! Although we're a small team of two but we did your best and hope to continue it in the near future !

Thank you for playing! 



Really enjoyed the game so far! All characters are interesting to watch and their interactions with all those little jokes and sarcastic remarks are so much fun. 

Oh, and the end of second act!! 

Also, visual artist did such a great job, everything and everyone in the game look amazing!

 Thank you for your work, looking forward to see more of the game~


Thank you so much for your feedback ! We're happy you like the characters, we did out best to twist clichés and make them stad out ^^ Which character did you like the most ?

And as the artist I'm very happy you liked the art, so thank you dear !

We're just a small team of two but we hope to continue this project in the near future! 

Thank you for playing it !


I really liked the game. I like the pacing, illustrations and plot (at least what we got to see till now). Most importantly all the characters felt like people with depth instead of two dimensional characters. 

Thank you for making an amazing game!!!

Oh thank you so much  for giving Forbidden a chance !  We're happy you liked it , it brings us so much joy to know that the character felt more real and has depth , you could tell that much from the demo , you're amazing ! 


I love this! The illustrations, the characters, the plot, and the dialogue are excellent!! I will be here, waiting for more! <3

Thank you so much for playing  the game!  We're happy you liked it ^^ 

Thank you for your support ! 


I couldn't stop reading. Lovely story, art and characters. The translation (?) seems fine despite the many typos. Good job!


Thank you for playing Forbidden ! 

The typos and errors are under revisions ! 

Thank you for your support! ^^ 

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Hey there! Was wondering if this game is a complete game? The descriptions say that it's Act 1 and 2; will there be more acts in the future or is it complete? And if so, how many more acts do you plan to release? Any time frame?

Thank you! This game looks amazing so far, with both graphics and story! :)


Hello !  Thank you for your interest on the game ! 

Yes for this version you have the Act 1 and 2 !  We're hoping to continue making the sequels of course, the final may be around 12 acts aprox! So for now we're waiting for a positive feedback to see if we shoud continue the project or not , since we're only a small team of two ^-^ 

We hope you'lle like the game! Don't hesitate to tell us what you think if you played it !  W're happy happy you like the graphics and story ! 


I have not finished the game yet but I will say, YES PLEASE CONTINUE THE STORY! xD Other comments and reviews have covered some issues already, so I'll just say that the story and mystery are so intiguing and well thought out. I'm honestly so impressed with the story and art, I'd really love for you to continue it so much! I NEED it. xD

If you guys need any testers in the future, I don't really have any experience with beta testing but I'd be willing to help with the English text editing! I do have like an extremely low level of python knowledge from working in renpy myself, so correcting the script even in a .rpy/python format would not be an issue for me. Just an offer if you ever need it!

Thanks again for the amazing game so far! Excited to see what may happen next!

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Hello! I think this game looks super interesting and I can't wait to try it out! The art is so pretty, and you can really see each characters' emotions in the cut scenes like a photograph of a happy moment :D I was also super impressed by the trailer. The CGs and character profiles just flowed so well into each other and the background song was so catchy and beautiful I had to find out where it was from! I love the MC's design so much too. I usually don't see a lot of main characters with short hair or heterochromia eyes so it set her apart wonderfully! She's so well done that I think at the end of the trailer I ended up falling in love with her as well as all the love interests xD


Thank you so much, we're so happy you like the characters and the art!It's heartwarming to see that you noticed these little details and the emotions behind the photograp ! And the song is provided by the talented Leowi be sure to check it out ! 

As for the Mc, we're relieved you like her look :3 hopefully her personality will please you as well! Please let us know about what you think of the game if you play it ! 

Have a lovely day ! 

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congratulations on the release! ;o

I've just downloaded the game as I was instantly lured in by the art style that you chose. Love the vibrant yet soft colours and the artist's drawing technique. 

Secondly, it seems to revolve around older men (screams) + professor (screams more) romance, which are like my two top guilty pleasures. There are no novels concentrating on these forbidden but most exciting "taboo" topics.  I also loved the touch of mystery and dark elements you sneaked in.

The only downside is grammatical and written mistakes, which is such a shame because it kind of weighs down on the experience.

I don't know if English is your native language, I would say not (don't mean to be insulting in any way) so I'd say get someone to go through the script and make some adjustments. Amending the typos can even add up to a character's personality based on the reader's perception of the written text. Emotions, opinions, everything is basically affected as we only get to know them through words.

Other than that, I really enjoyed what I've seen so far and am looking forward to the full release. 🌼

Congratulations again and wish you all the luck for finishing up the project.

Hello ! 

Thank you  for taking some of your time to play and share your review !
We're overjoyed to know you like it ! We're only a small team of two people so this means a lot ^^ 

And as the artist I'm so happy the artstyle attracted you *^* thank so much , It took me a lot of time to draw both the characters, environnement and illustrations , it warms my heart to know that you appreciate the art style TwT 

As for the grammatical erros and the typos,  we're sorry about that they must have gone unnoticed by our writer and I,  and don't worry it's not insulting you were right,  english isn't out first language haha but we did our best ! We'll definitely fix it right away ! 

Thank you very much for your feeback and for giving Forbidden a chance !  🌼

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The heroine is a Female ^^ 

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Oh my thank you for pointing it it I didn't notice this typo ! but yes the heroine is a female, but male players can also enjoy the game if they want too ^^

and thank you so much I'm happy you like the artwork, I hope you'll like the game , I'll be loooking forward to your opinion ! *^*